Health. Check my answers please

posted by Gurl nerd

Can someone please check my answers.
1. Violence resulting in the death of another person is called
A. Bullying
B. Homicide
C. Conflict
D. Rape
2. Using the excitement of violence to keep video games users playing their games is an example of which risk factor?
A. Poverty
B. Family violence
C. Media violence
D. Availability to weapons
3._________ often represents as a cyclical pattern of tension building, violent episodes, and calm
A. Rape
B. Bullying
C. Neglect
D. Dating violence
My answers
1. B
2. C or D??
3. C

  1. Ms. Sue

    1. B - yes
    2. c - yes
    3. C - no

  2. Gurl nerd

    Ok I changed my answers
    1. B
    2. C
    3. B

  3. Ms. Sue

    3 could be both B and D.

  4. Gurl nerd

    Ok thanks Ms. Sue

  5. Ms. Sue

    You're welcome Gurl nerd.

  6. Big boy

    Number 3 is D

  7. kaliyah

    three is D I got 2/3 thx gurl nerd ugh

  8. Anonymous

    B C D

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