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Can you check the following?

Past Perfect Tense
1. My teacher __ us three chapters, but I only finished one of them. (assign)

answer:had assigned

2. Before their fossils __, we knew nothing about dinosaurs. (discover)

answer:had been discovered

3. The team celebrated because they __ the state championship. (win)

answer:had won

4. The judge __ Jordan's entry before reading through it. (reject)

answer:had rejected

Future Perfect tense
5. By the time the press arrives, the mayor __ his speech. (memorize)

answer:will have memorized

6. Andre __ three cars by this afternoon. (sell)

answer:will have sold

7. By the time I get home, I __ your phone number (forget)

ansewr:will have forgotten

8. After seeing the movie, you __ your mind about the war (change).

answer:will have changed

Present Perfect tense
9. I __ a cash register before. (use)

answer: have used

10. Alexis __ for school already. (leave)

answer:has left

11. The manager __ to her group about the new charges. (speak

answer:has spoken

12. This town __ ever since the steel mill opened. (grow)

answer:has grown

  • 5th grade LA -

    All are correct.

  • writeacher -

    so you go around treating other people like crap for needing help but then you help someone else cheat because you are helping her do a test which I am pretty sure she is supposed to do herself I ask for help because my mom is going through a hard time and you try to threaten the people trying to help someone in need you are a hypocrite .

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