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I need someone to check my answers on this English quick check thanks :)
1. Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is celebrated in part for its representation of what perspective:
a. modern
b. optimistic
c. southern***
2. In Adventures of huckleberry finn when huck says his father used to whale him he means he used to ___ him.
a. ignore
b. hit***
c. make fun of
3. In Adventures of Huckleberry finn why does huck give up prayer?
a. he doesn't know what to say***
b. pap hits him for praying
c. some of his prayers have not been answered
4. A type of narrative that uses the words I and me and features one character relating events from his own perspective is called:
a. first-person***
b. third-person omniscient
c. third-person limited
If you can check these for me, thanks :))

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    I agree with your answers for all but number 3.

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    oh, the answer was c. but thanks

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    Yes, C.

    You're welcome.

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    for this quickcheck the answers are
    hope this helps (:

  • english - hahaha -

    That may have worked for your assignment, but teachers change the order of questions and answers frequently.

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