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Which accurately describes the Middle Passage of the triangular trade?

During the Middle Passage, European nations sailed around Africa to Calicut, India, and traded for spices.

During the Middle Passage, European nations sailed along the Mediterranean Sea to the Middle East to trade for spices.

During the Middle Passage, European nations transported slaves from West Africa to the Americas in exchange for goods and resources.

During the Middle Passage, European nations transported American Indians from the New World over to Europe to serve as slaves.

The text talks a lot about seas, so I was thinking B, is this correct?

  1. Writeacher

    Go to Google and type “middle passage” — it should be very clear to you!

  2. Rylee

    okay, thanks... That rings a bell! And American Indians were the ones that got the diseases when... Europeans?... tried to help them, right? And it's C, right? that's really the only clear answer that matches google.

  3. Writeacher

    Yes, C.

    And yes, diseases mostly from Eorope to the Americas, which had been blessedly unknown up to the late 1400s.

  4. Rylee

    okay, thank you!

  5. Writeacher

    You’re welcome!

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