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Which accurately describes an aspect of the triangular trade during the 16th and 19th centuries?

The triangular trade included European merchants, who purchased corn, tomatoes, cocoa, and tobacco from African tribal leaders in exchange for whiskey.

The triangular trade included salt and pepper, which was sold to Muslims in North Africa by European merchants.

The triangular trade included millions of slaves, who were transported from Africa to the Americas and sold in public auctions.

The triangular trade included Europeans, who purchased tea and silk along the Silk Road from the Yuan Dynasty.

In my notes it says
-guns and gunpowder arrive in West Africa from Europe- but gun powder is never mentioned in the options.

-Enslaved people from Africa arrive in the Americas- OPTION C

Cotton, sugar, tobacco, coffee and rice arrive in Europe- OPTION B, only it just has tobacco. So using the process of elimination, I think it's safe to say that I think
C is the answer?

  1. Writeacher

    Yes, C. Make sure you know what the other two parts of that awful triangle were, too, so you get the full picture.

  2. Rylee

    okay, thanks. And would one of those two parts be disease?

  3. Writeacher

    Not solely, but the spread of diseases was an inevitable result. Notice that the question is asking about triangular TRADE.

    Google “trade triangle” or “triangular trade” to be clear.

  4. Rylee

    Wait a minute, so is the text pretty much saying they traded people for crops and materials and visa versa?!

  5. Rylee

    *vice versa* my bad

  6. Writeacher

    Basically, yes.

  7. Rylee

    Wow. thanks for the help!

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