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Which of the following is the BEST reason to learn a second language?

to better understand your own language

to communicate with those who speak that language

to fill a requirement for college entrance


  1. bobpursley

    Your class is offering many opinions as fact. It would have been helpful to you, I think, if the difference between fact and opinion had been emphasized at first. I hope in college that is your introduction to college.

    I do not suscribe there is a "best" reason, it varies with each individual. For me, B has been very valuable when traveling to (Germany), but honestly, it did help me with my own English, as I had a very difficult learning experience in high school. After one year of HS German, I then minored in English literature at the University (Major was Engineering). So for some, A might be the best reason, and yet for others, C might be the best reason.

    SO for this stupid question, which is opinion, rely on your obviously poor text materials, whatever the author tells you is the "best" reason. Chalk up this class to a very poor learning experience, and make something good out of your life. Learn the difference between opinion, and fact, and how to distinguish them. Note the reasons in the link I gave you.

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