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A silent killer is spreading poison across the earth. Rain, polluted by the grass given off by factories and motor vehicles, is becoming highly acidic. This "acid rain" is slowly destroying our environment. Acid rain has already damaged millions of acres of forests. It runs off into waterways, polluting drinking water and killing plant and animal life. Acid rain also has a harmful effect on the human body, causing lung disease and other health problems. Even our structures are affected, because acid rain eats away at buildings and monuments. Acid rain has proved to be difficult to control, so government officials have hesitated to do anything about it. This cannot go on. We must urge our representatives to pass stronger antipollution laws with stiff punishment if they are not obeyed. We must act now before it is too late

1. Which is a statement of the author's main point of view?
A Millions of acres of forest have been damaged by acid rain
B Acid rain has a harmful effect on the human body
C The government has done little about acid rain because it is difficult to control
D Acid rain is a danger to the environment and must be stopped

2. What is the primary purpose of this selection?
A To inform lawmakers about acid rain
B to persuade readers to take action against acid rain
C to explain where acid rain comes from
D to describe the effect of acid rain on the human body

3. Which word in the following sentence is an interjection? "Wow, aren't computers amazing?"
A Aren't
B Wow
C Computers
D Amazing

4. Which statement would lead you to conclude that the writer has a negative opinion about mountain climbing?
A Injury is just one risk that mountain climbers face
B With a guide and preparation, anyone can climb mountains
C Climbing mountains is a great challenge and test of will
D The climb is the reward, not the view from the top

Which of the following statements is an opinion?
A Albert Einstein was born in Germany of 1879
B He won the noble prize for his work in physics
C Albert immigrated to the United States in 1932
D He was the most intelligent scientist of his time

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    All are correct.

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