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Can someone please tell me what this quote means, I am having trouble understanding.

“When Andrew Johnson took upon himself the duties of his high office he swore to obey the Constitution and take care that the laws be faithfully executed. That, indeed, is and has always been the chief duty of the President of the United States. The duties of legislation and adjudicating [making a judgment on] the laws of his country fall in no way to his lot. To obey the commands of sovereign power of the nation, and to see that others should obey them, was his whole duty—a duty which he could not escape, and any attempt to do so would be in direct violation of his official oath…”

also before anyone asks; yes I go to connections academy and No I don't want the answer.

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    Andrew Johnson, as all other presidents, swore to obey the Constitution and make sure that all laws were followed. It's not the president's job to judge these laws. He just should see that others obey them.

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    What do you not understand? The powers of the Presidency are spelled out in the Constitution. He/she shall faithfully execute the laws of the nation and see to it they are executed by the government. The executive cannot make law nor adjudicate it. Andrew Johnson was accused of not following the law as enacted by Congress, thus this reminder as to the President's role and function.

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    @Ms. Sue
    Thanks! That helped a lot.

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    You're welcome, Johnny.

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