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Hi, could someone check this for me, thx :)

Why is it harder to find examples of 3D art rather than 2d art in early human history??
A) No early civilizations made 3D art
B) 3D art is only part of the digital arts
C) People have always perferred 2D art to 3D art
D) The materials used for 3D art often to dust over time

In my mind It could be a few different options, but I think.... D right??

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    I don't agree.

    Think about what humans were and weren't doing 7000 years ago, 5000 years ago, 3000 years ago, etc.

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    True.. So, do you think it would be A then?? :)

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    Yes, A.

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    After doing some googling, I still go with A, because, wouldn't most civilizations not be making 3D art not that long ago??

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    *That long ago

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    Thanks Haley!!

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    You're Welcome:)

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