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Which countries did Simon Bolivar help to gain independence from Spain?
(Select all that apply.)







  1. bobpursley

    What countries were liberated by Simon Bolivar?

    3.1 Venezuela and New Granada (1807–1821) 3.1.1 Prelude, 1807–1810. 3.1.2 First Republic of Venezuela, 1811–12. 3.1.3 Second Republic of Venezuela, 1813–14. ...
    3.2 Ecuador and Peru, 1822–1825.
    3.3 Consolidation of the independence, 1825–1830. 3.3.1 The Republic of Bolivia. 3.3.2 Struggles inside Gran Colombia.

  2. malia

    Am I wrong?

  3. Damon

    not Haiti or Mexico
    add Bolivia (named after him), Columbia

  4. Damon

    As Bob points out it is confusing because for example he considered Columbia, Venezuela, and Ecuador one unit.

  5. malia

    so then its only those three because their the only options they give me

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