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In lines 6-8 of the King Arthur’s Knights excerpt, Lord Evroc’s wife plans to present a(n)_____ to her husband to explain why their youngest child should not be trained to be a warrior.

Lines 6-8 are: And in her heart she resolved that she would plead with Evroc to let her have her little son Perceval to be a clerk or a learned bard, so that he should stay at home with her and run no risk of death.

a. critique
b. argument
c. summary
d. counterargument

I think it is d

  1. Reed

    Has Evroc argued that Percival should follow in his footsteps and become a knight, in this version? If so, D would be correct. If not, it can't be a counterargument. Context means everything.

  2. Michael

    he has, im putting counterargument :)

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