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what is the most important reason to create a backup of your files somewhere other than your computer?
a) to access them on another device
b) because your computer may be damaged and you risk losing or not being able to access the file***
c) because your computer does not have enough room to hold them
d) to share them with other people

2. How can you keep your files organized on your computer?
Save them on your desktop
Put them all in the same folder
Create different folders to help sort similiar

  1. Hayley

    Save them all with the same names but with a different number at the end

    In a folder hierarchy, which of the following files would best fit in a subfolder named Vacation videos?
    Arnie 4th Birthday
    Field trip to Four Acre Farms
    Disney World trip***
    Mothers Day 2012

  2. Writeacher

    Did you read this post and begin taking advantage of the wonderful information Bob and Ms. Sue gave you? I sure hope so.


  3. Writeacher

    Ed tech answers are right.

  4. Hayley

    Thx Writeacher:)

  5. dyanaimc


  6. error

    what is that

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