@Connexus cheat - banned

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Asking for answers is not allowed here.

  • @Connexus cheat - banned -

    Holy smoke! That makes at least 4 cheaters banned so far today. I wonder if that's a record. =(

  • @Connexus cheat - banned -

    I wonder why so many Connexus "students" think they should cheat.

  • @Connexus cheat - banned -

    Technically it is cheating; however, I'm not sure that's the way the students see it. I think in many cases it's a way to get someone to do their work for them. They are just too lazy to fill in the blanks/check the multiple guess/read the lesson/etc. and they see this as a way to have someone else do the work for them.

  • @Connexus cheat - banned -

    Yeah I just see it as checking my answers before i submit the assesment

  • @Connexus cheat - banned -

    please don't ban it that actually really helps me

  • Random dude -

    We are happy to check your answers and let you know when you are wrong. We are glad to direct you to an article on the web that will explain or give directions on things you don't understand. We will not GIVE people answers, and we expect you, the student, to have done your homework and have something to show with it, even if you have made a mistake. Students who have done no work at all and just want to be given the answers so that they don't have to do the reading and thinking at all are cheaters. Those who are glad to GIVE AWAY the answers are also cheating, or enabling cheating. They can and will be banned after they have been warned.

  • @Connexus cheat - banned -

    this is really funny how u teachers call out connexus but dont call out K12

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