Technology HURRY

posted by Maria Stevens

what is the purpose of rules

A:to provide an agreed upon list of acceptable and unacceptable behavior

B:to discourage creativity

C:to prevent students form having fun

D:to provide time limits for computers use

I think A

  1. Writeacher

    Why hurry?

  2. Maria Stevens

    Because i need my answer checked and my test needs turned in today.

  3. Damon

    It is not B

  4. Cassandra Raven Moonstone

    Similar to a policy but intended to describe the operations, definitions, and constraints of the use of computing resources.

    The correct answer must be A, so your answer is probably correct.

    I hope it helped!

  5. CC

    The answer is A, hope you get it turned in on time!

  6. Anonymous

    Please trust me, if you want 100 percent on those questions, they are
    Have a good one!

  7. Mateo Bowels

    Listen to anonymous for the correct answer.

  8. breezy

    thank you mateo

  9. Yo tengo

    Anon is correct, use his answers for 100%

  10. aswd at connexus

    6th grade ed tech accept use policy anonymous i 100

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