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What is the name of the online textbook used in this course
A) Language arts
B) The big question
C) Literature
D) Write to learn

  • Language arts -

    You're kidding, aren't you?

  • Language arts -

    What is it ms sue

  • Language arts -

    Im assuming your on connections academy so literature.

  • Language arts -

    wow.... are... you.... kidding.... me...?
    !!!!!!!!! This noob... is weird. And Ms. Sue I hope he is!

  • Language arts -

    its called B).

  • Language arts -

    No it's Literature

  • Language arts -

    The answer is C, but I think this is an absurd question and you can answer it by your own.

  • Language arts -

    the answer is c i am in connections academy and this is the correct answer

  • Language arts -

    I like how Pepole is worried about a question smh just answer the question

  • Language arts -

    the ms.sue is retarded.

  • Language arts -

    nobody like ms sue anymore

  • Language arts -

    I'm Me. Sue who took my name
    and Ms. Sue dum a-s-s

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