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So, I Need Help On This One, I'd Like It If You'd Just Say What You Mean and Not Site a Site or anything like that, But, HELP!.

The growth of China’s economy has caused pollution problems. Explain why the government continues to use coal-fired power plants despite the pollution problems they cause.

I Finished This One, But Can U Check It?

What effect might the dry climate of Mongolia and western China have on the people who live there?:

I think that the effects of the dry climate of Mongolia and western China on the people who live there are that there is not enough right soil to grow crops! I also think that the dry climate will affect the people by having droughts! Most of the Mongolia and western China’s people have become nomadic herders, and they will have to move from place to place to find food, water and grass for their animals!

  1. Writeacher

    WAY too much repetition in your write-up. How can you revise it so you don't have those repeated words and phrases.

    Your verb tenses are off. All should be past tense.

    Why are the exclamation points in there?

  2. |-/ Stay Alive Frens


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