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Word for illegal or immoral behavior by officials
Word for experts working together to problem solve
Word for economic pressure to change a nation's actions. Thanks for your help❤️

  1. Reed




    1.not conforming to accepted standards of morality:
    "an immoral and unwinnable war"

    synonyms: unethical · bad · morally wrong · wrongful · wicked · evil ·
    foul · unprincipled · unscrupulous · dishonorable · dishonest · unconscionable · iniquitous · disreputable · corrupt · depraved · vile · villainous · nefarious · base · miscreant · sinful · godless · impure · unchaste · unvirtuous · shameless · degenerate · debased · debauched · dissolute · reprobate · lewd · obscene · perverse · perverted · licentious · wanton · promiscuous · loose · shady · lowdown · crooked · sleazy

  2. Reed




    1.the action of working with someone to produce or create something:
    "he wrote on art and architecture in collaboration with John Betjeman"

    2.traitorous cooperation with an enemy:
    "he faces charges of collaboration"

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  3. Reed

    Economic pressure may take any number of forms. Boycott is one. Sanctions against trade with a nation is another. Sanctions may be the word you're looking for.

  4. Reed





    wrongdoing, especially by a public official.

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  5. Reed

    And, look up the word "corruption" here:

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