i need help with science pls

posted by Oscar

]Most of the drinking water in a location comes from a river. A steel plant is to be built close to the river. It would provide jobs and facilities to many people in the location. The steel plant would use a huge amount of river water. This might cause drinking water scarcity in the location. Which of these is the best method to solve this problem?

Reduce air pollution in the location to increase the amount of rainfall.
Ban all water sports in the location to prevent excess use of river water.
Plant more trees in the location to increase the amount of surface water.
Formulate appropriate reviews and controls to prevent excess use of river water.

Is it either a or c. im having trouble with this one. pls help me

  1. Ms. Sue

    It is neither of those.

    Now you're on your own to figure out which of the other two is right.

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