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Carol makes a spinner for a game. The spinner is divided into 10 equal sections. Each section is shaded 1 of these colors: green, red, yellow, or blue. On this spinner, the probability of spinning green is 3 times as great as the probability of spinning red. The probability of spinning red is twice as great as the probability of spinning blue. The number of yellow sections is equal to the number of blue sections. How many sections of each color are there? What is the probability of spinning each color?

  1. Reiny

    reds --- x
    greens -- 3x
    blue ---- x/2
    yellow --- x/2

    x+3x+x/2+x/2 = 10
    5x = 10
    x = 2

    2 reds
    6 greens
    1 blue
    1 yellow

    prob(red) = 2/10 = 1/5

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