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Which of these is the best definition of freedom of expression?

A. expression that doesn't cost anything to have or share
B. uncensored speech, art, or other means of communication.
C. wild, uncontrolled expression of ideas
D. information and ideas that are changeable and irregular.

What was Marcel Duchamp's reaction to the public outcry against his work, Nude Descending a Staircase (No.2)?

A. Duchant was crushed; he wanted to be accepted by the public
B. Duchamp simply ignored the controversy and created more art.
C. Duchamp was delighted; even negative attention helped advance his new artistic ideas.
D. Duchamp was devastated; he retreated to France in disgrace.

An Asian sculptor creates an image of the Buddha for the local temple. The artist's primary responsibility is to

A. Self: as long as he does his best, that is all that matters.
B. Buddha: He must work hard to please his revered leader.
C. Future tourists: He must make sure his Buddha can be viewed 100 years from now.
D. Temple visitors and leaders: his statue should inspire worshippers and accuractly represent Buddha.

An environmental artist created a piece in protest of trash. Anticipating negative public reaction, that artist decided to display the work anyway. What is most likely the reason.
A. The artist believed that the purpose of the work was to stir up awareness.
B. The artist did not want to waste all the time spent on the work.
C. The artist was very brave.
D. The artist did not care about publc reaction.

PLEASE HELP!! Im normally very good at art but these questions are boggling me.

  1. Reed

    I'm sorry you are boggled. For question #1, what do you think "freedom of expression" means? Does it mean a church or a government or some other censor can decide what an artist can depict, or a speaker may say? If someone decides all of Picasso's cubist works are ugly, should they all be destroyed?

    For the others, I'm sure you have text materials that have addressed these questions. For Duchamp, you might want to read this:

    For the question about a Buddha statue, I have no idea. Certainly the artist will do his or her best, but religious fealty to the deity is something I know nothing about in Buddhism.

    And if an artist is protesting something, do you suppose he WANTS to stir up controversy and make people aware of what he is protesting? Think about it. Is he/she just doing it for the fun of it, to put the work away in a closet somewhere?

  2. Anonymous

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  8. RobloxFan

    1. B
    2. c
    3. D
    4. D
    5. B
    These are the correct answers TBH I got a 100% these are the right ones

  9. Diamond

    I got a 100% TYSM!

  10. Queen_of_Hearts

    TYSM RobloxFan I got a 100%!

  11. Wanda

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  12. Pen__is

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  13. RobloxFan

    Yall r liers I was just seeing wat u guys would say and those r the wrong answers the answers are
    1. B
    2. C
    3. D
    4. A
    5. B

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