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Organizing a speech means to :
a)research the materials
b)presenting a speech in a logical manner
c)selecting words to use
d)adapt the speech to audience
my answer is d:))

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    so it could be a)

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    Do you know the meaning of "organize?"

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    A speech that is organized is easy for the audience to listen

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    so its B right must me logical,because that is only way that the audience can understand us

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    Please read this definition of "organize."

    Which answer best fits this definition?

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    Actually, all of the answers are essential. For the most important one, follow Ms. Sue's advice.

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    hm,selecting words to use only this one

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    but to me make sense only B i don't know why :(

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    You are doing your audience a favor when you present ideas that flow well and logically and make sense

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    Yes. B is correct. An organized speech is one that presents the material logically.

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    You're welcome.

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