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There are 4 problems that I don't understand how to solve so, please help me. A numerical explanation with words explanation would be nice. Thank you tutors.

Rewrite each equation so it is in the form ax + b = c or x + d/e = f, where x is a variable. Then solve the equation.

1. 6 + 5x - 1/3 = 10

2. 7 + 3 - 4x/5 = 0

In each equation, one of the letters represents a variable and the other letters represent constants. Solve for the indicated variable and describe what operations you performed to solve for the variable.

3. Solve rs + t = u for the variable s.

4. Solve n + m/p = q for the variable n.

  1. Damon

    5 x - 1/3 = 4

    (4/5) x - 3 = 7

    r s = u - t
    s = (u-t)/r

    n = q - m/p

  2. anon

    Thank you tutor Damon. I still don't understand, for the equation you gave me for #2, I got x = 12.5 and when I check it, 3 - 50 = -47/5 = -9.4 + 7 = -2.4 and not 0. For #3 and 4, I still don't understand how to solve it.

  3. Damon

    (4/5) x = 10
    4 x = 50
    x = 12.5
    10 - (4/5)12.5
    10 - 50/5
    10 - 10
    0 yes

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