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i am working on a practice worksheet and need help with a few i can not understand. please and thank you. I have to post them separately sorry many grams of water are needed to completely hydrolyze 30.8 g of the ester?

A.0.416 g
B.30.8 g
C.11.3 g
D.7.49 g

54. Sodium stearate is a soap that is produced from stearic acid, one of the fatty acids.

stearic acid sodium stearate

The reaction that was set up with 0.25 g stearic acid and an excess of sodium hydroxide produced 0.25 g soap. The percent yield was


56. While this isn't a real reaction, we can say that carbonic acid, H2CO3, can be produced directly from the elements. Choose the statement that is correct when the given masses are supplied to react.

2H2+ 2C+ 3O2=2H2CO3
47g 282g 940g

A.There is no limiting reactant.
B.Carbon is the limiting reactant.
C.Oxygen is the limiting reactant.
D.Hydrogen is the limiting reactant.

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    no one knows these :(

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