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1. Using a graphic organizer in the prewriting process can do all of the following except:

A. organize the writers thoughts
B. help narrow the writers topic
C. research a writers story**
D. help make the writing more detailed

2. Writing a story with proper sequence and organization is important because

A. it helps the reader understand the story**
B. stories can be confusing
C. it helps the reader match the pictures to the text
D. stories can be in order

3. If you were writing a timeline of a historical period, what type of graphic organizer would you most likely choose to use in your prewriting to help with time order?

A. word web
B. sequence chart**
C. story map
D. pyramid

4. SmartArt and Shapes are useful tools because they allow you to

A. create presentations within a document
B. organize data within a document
C. draw any shape you want within a document
D. easily create and manipulate shapes within a document**

Are my answers right or wrong?

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    I agree with all your answers.

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    Yay!! I got 4/4!

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    YAAAYYYYY!!!! 4/4!!!!

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    YAY!!! 100% WOOHOO

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    Thank you so much I got a 4/4 I needed this 100%

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    100% Thanks

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    Yay! 100% :D

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    straight A student is right

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    100% thanks

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    Thanks you

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    4/4 %100, thnx guys! ;)

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