posted by Megan Trainor

I Need help with this social studies!

1. when the roman government began to persecute christens under Nero,

A.Christianity almost disappeared.
B. Christians had to cremate their dead.*****
C. Jews hid Christianity was outlawed

2. which roman emperor ended the persecution of christens?

A. Augustus
B. Julius Caser
C. Diocletian
D. Constantine

3. Who was NOT allowed to serve in the church clergy?

A. Priests
B. Woman
C. wealthy men
D. Romans

& I just need someone to check this answer!

which group is found at the top of early Christian church hierarchy?

A. the archbishops
B. the patriarchs
C. the priests
D. the bishops


  1. Writeacher

    Read, read, read ... and let us know what you decide.







  2. Megan Trainor

    alright I will read now.

  3. Megan Trainor

    all right I got my answers Thank you Write teacher :-) now my home works completed!

  4. Writeacher

    You're welcome.

  5. AngelDabSwag

    Megan Trainor? what are the answers? lol i read it but i cant find it

  6. trevon


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