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1. The muscular system is essential because it allows our bones to
2. which muscle is attached to a bone by tendons?
smooth muscle
cardiac muscle
skeletal muscle
involuntary muscle
3. To prevent injury, each time you participate in a vigorous activity you should be sure to include a
proper warm up
proper warm up and cool down
proper cool down
proper warm up and stretching

  1. Writeacher

    And you think the answers are ... ?

  2. help asap

    i think that the answers are
    1 c
    2 c
    3 d

  3. Ms. Sue

    1 is wrong. Our bones don't lengthen after we've passed puberty.

    2 and 3 are correct.

  4. help asap

    is 1 a

  5. Ms. Sue


  6. Fabulously Fancy

    Is it B?

  7. dafgege

    has to be B i don't remember anything about hiding ur organs with bones q.q

  8. dafgege

    o woops wrong test id say 1 is D

  9. Todd Thicket

    number 3 is not d its proper warm up and cool down

  10. Bapper

    1. D
    2. C
    3. B
    4. C

  11. That Girl

    Bapper is right 100%

  12. thanks

    bapper is right

  13. the girl that has no friends

    i just took this it is D C B C i got 100% trusst me

  14. alanna

    the girl that has no friends and rapper are right

  15. YRN DJ

    got 5/5 from connexus

  16. YRN DJ

    i mean 4/4

  17. ConnexusDon'tGetMe

    Thanks Bapper!

  18. UprisingFury

    lel your taking the quiz the same time as me

  19. special k

    dcbc is right awesome

  20. Bryan Vo

    Connections peeps

  21. The Philly Observer

    It's real smart for you guys to be openly saying, "I'm from Connexus." I'm being sarcastic - the teachers have great software to catch you in the act of plagiarizing, etc. Right now, you are all just getting answers, without doing the work.

  22. Lit fam

    Bapper is an amazing person.

  23. Connections Academy whiz


  24. No one

    D C B C is correct thanks :)

  25. :)

    1.) D
    2.) C
    3.) B
    4.) B

    100%!! Correct!! thanks! :))

  26. Wolfart

    D C B C is right.

  27. notcool

    rapper? REALLY?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Unless you mean (rap- er) Not cool! Rape is a serious topic. Don't joke around like that! NOT COOL!

  28. Love ^^

    Connexus people


    Is right 100%

    And no let's not be a rapper O-O no need for that

  29. Freed

    notcool, you are aware that a rapper is a person who performs rap music and a rapist (they're not usually called raper, from what I've seen) is the bad person, right?

  30. Kat From Connections

    Correct. Rapist is for rape and rapper is for rap. (Don't know why I am explaining this) And the answers are 100% correct for GLCA people

  31. Cousin Cleo

    The correct answers are D C B and C.

  32. SHEESH

    yo, @notcool. Are both of your eyes reversed or something? Cuz clearly his name is Bapper, like the letters is a B not an R, and if it was an R his would be Rapper not Raper or rapist of some sort. So get your eyes checked pls.

  33. Eyeless Jack

    @SHEESH i was thinking the exsact same thing... yall ppl need glasses

  34. LittleNoot


    IS CORRECT! 100%!

  35. thank

    thank you littlenoot

  36. @notcool is a fag

    plug walk b!tch

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