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Describe the educational background/training necessary for that career. For example: 2-year college degree, Bachelor’s degree, graduate degree.

What post-secondary routes could you take to get to that career? For example: attend a 2-year community college and transfer to a 4-year college/university; go directly to a 4-year school; enter the military to obtain training.

What colleges or universities in Florida, or out-of-state, could you attend? Name at least three, including the city and state in which they are located. You will find this information in “School Finder” on the “Learn” tab in Choices Planner.

Are there any special licenses that you would need in addition to a degree?

What types of exams, if any, are necessary for that career?

I need help answering these. All the questions are based on the U.S. coast guard

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    thank you

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