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Please check these and thanks :D

4.(help because i couldn't get it)

1.What signifies the period known as history?

A. There are written records.

B. It is a much longer period than prehistory.

C.It started two million years ago.

D.It started two centuries ago.


2.Why did towns need to be located near water to succeed?

A.Water provided protection from warfare.

B.Nearby water allowed towns to be close to the marketplace.

C.Water attracted more people.

D.Establishing towns near water allowed for irrigation of crops.

3.Which is a characteristic of prehistoric people?

A. They wore animal skins for clothing.

B. They cooked their food in stone ovens.

C. They used fire to harden clay pots and vessels.

D.They made decorative pieces to trade for goods.

4.Why did early farmers use slash-and-burn agriculture?

A. to get rid of pests

B. to get rid of old crops

C. to keep the soil fertile

D. to keep undergrowth from drying out the earth
5.How did flooding rivers contribute to the beginning of farming communities?

A. They irrigated the crops when they overflowed.

B. They created a marshy environment good for planting.

C. They provided water and stayed within their banks.

D. They left rich soil when floodwaters receded

  • Please check (history-5 Questions) -

    I disagree with your answers for 3 and 5.

    I don't like any of the answers for # 4.

  • Please check (history-5 Questions) -


  • Please check (history-5 Questions) -

    I think answers for question 4 is d the rest other than c is really relevant:)

  • Please check (history-5 Questions) -

    I mean it could be c....

  • Please check (history-5 Questions) -

    Answer these questions on you own. Quit relying on the internet to do YOUR homework. I don’t care if you need these answers ASAP.

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