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Mang jose wants to make a table which has an area of 8 m^2. The length of the table has to be 2 m longer than the width.
1. if the width of the table is p meters what will be its length?
2.form a quadratic equation that represents the situation?
3.find the solution from the given quadratic equation?
4.give the dimension of the table?

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    what is 2 more than p ?
    isn't it p+2 ?

    area = p(p+2)
    p^2 + 2p = 8
    p^2 + 2p - 8 = 0

    which factors to
    (p+4)(p-2) = 0
    p = -4, which is not admissable
    p = 2

    so the table is 2 m by 4 m

    check: what is 2 x 4 ?

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