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multiply the polynomial (x-1)(2x squared-x-3)

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    Did I not just do that ?

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    x(2x squared-x-3)+ 1(2x squared-x-3)
    x.2x squared+x.x+x.3+2x squared-x-3
    2x cube+x squared+3x+2x squared-x-3
    5x squared-2x squared-3x

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    Your notation is extremely awkward. We normally write x to a power as
    x^power like x^3 is x cubed
    Now I will do it your way but you have errors starting with the sign in the first line
    x(2x squared-x-3)+ 1(2x squared-x-3)
    should be
    x(2x squared-x-3) - 1(2x squared-x-3)
    x*2xsquared -x*x -3x -2xsquared +x+3
    2 x cubed - 3 x squared -2 x +3

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