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n a survey of 60 randomly-chosen employees, 15 said they would prefer an hour for lunch with no breaks each day. 45 employees said they would prefer thirty minutes for lunch with two other breaks each day. If there are 500 people employeed by the company, predict the number who would prefer an hour for lunch with no breaks

  • algebra -

    15/60 or 1/3 chose an hour lunch with no breaks

    for in 500 people we would expect
    1/3 of 500 or 167 to choose the above option

  • algebra - oops -

    or, use 15/60 = 1/4 if you want a clser approximation! ...

  • Ha ha - algebra -

    got me,
    ( I think 15/60 = 1/3 in non-metric)

    Thank you Steve

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