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chemistry clearly step by step

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Al2(s04)3 solution of 1 molal concentration is present in 1 litre solution of 2.684g/cc.How many moles of bas04 would be precipitation on adding bacl2 in excess?
The answer 6M

I do not understand pls explain step by step

Thank a lot all tutors

  • chemistry clearly step by step -

    Step by step.

    The first sentence. Weird. It says you have one M solution. Lets figure that.

    or mass/cc=.342 g/cc
    So why does it then state 2.684g/cc ? Nuts to this problem, your teacher is not thinking.

    Finally, you aske how many moles of BaSO4 there would be, and you tell me the answer is 6 Molal? Nuts again.

  • chemistry clearly step by step -

    I agree the problem makes no sense. I have brought this up before to Ken; m stands for molal while M sands for molar.

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