Driver Education

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Attention fatigue is the result of (1 point)

physical exertion.


mental exertion.

lack of sleep.


Fatigue affects your ability to (1 point)

understand traffic signals.

perceive and respond to threats.

recognize objects.

avoid pedestrians.


The body's natural rhythms cause nearly everyone to be less alert during the (1 point)

late morning.

early afternoon.

late afternoon.



The best way to avoid fatigue is to remember that (1 point)

there is other traffic on the road.

more activity requires more rest.

you should drive with the windows down.

you should keep the passenger compartment chilly.


Drivers can compensate for short-term injuries by (1 point)

going to the hospital as soon as they are hurt.

driving slower, being more alert, and allowing more time to get to their destination.

having someone else drive.

taking a bus.


One sign of carbon monoxide poisoning is (1 point)

a headache.

chest pain.

a sore throat.

back pain.


People with chronic diseases that can affect their ability to drive (such as diabetes, epilepsy, and narcolepsy), must always (1 point)

drive with another person in the vehicle.

have proof that their illness is controlled with medication that causes no side effects to their driving ability.

drive only during daylight hours.

have a special license plate so police know about their condition.


As you age, (1 point)

your reflexes become a little quicker.

you should not drive.

your reflexes, hearing, and vision may be impaired.

you do not need to renew your driver's license.


A major form of psychological impairment is (1 point)


a cold.

the radio.

road noise.


The biggest issue with using cell phones while driving is (1 point)

the physical distraction.

having to view the cell phone display.

holding the phone while steering.

the mental distraction.


Collisions involving cell phones are twice as likely to (1 point)

be rear-end collisions.

be side-on collisions.

be head-on collisions.

involve property damage.


Which of the following is the best reason you should not wear headphones while driving? (1 point)

You will not be able to talk to passengers.

You won't be able to hear other important roadway sounds.

Passengers can't hear the radio.

It decreases your field of vision.


One way to avoid aggressive driving is by (1 point)

not driving slowly in the passing lane.


glaring at other drivers.

frequently tapping your brakes.


Sadness distracts you from driving by (1 point)

increasing your concern for others.

raising your motivation.

disconnecting you from reality.

helping you deal properly with emerging situations.


Norms are different than written laws in that (1 point)

there are no repercussions for breaking norms.

norms only apply to you if you know what they are.

norms are unwritten and enforced by people's opinions.

you can't break a norm.


Peer pressure can affect driving by (1 point)

influencing risky behavior.

taking them to the movies.

causing you to brake quicker.

taking their friends to school.

Thank you very much for helping me study Guides are always hard.:)

  • Driver Education -

    Please post what YOU THINK the answers are, and someone here will check them for you.

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