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Chemistry 104

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A current of 3.40 A is passed through a Ni(NO3)2 solution for 1.80 hours. How much nickel is plated out of the solution?

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    Made a mistake that Dr. Bob222 caught in an earlier post. See your earlier post for corrections.

    Current=charge/time (s)



    Convert hr to seconds (s):

    1.80hrs*(60 min/1 hr)*(1 min/60s)= time in s

    Solve for charge:

    seconds*current=charge (C)

    1 mole of e^-s=9.65 x 10^4 C

    Solve for moles:

    C*(1 mole/9.65 x 10^4 C)=moles of e^-s

    The half reaction is the following:

    Ni2+ + 2e ---> Ni

    So, 2 moles of e^- is needed for 1 mole of Ni:

    Solve for moles of Ni:

    moles of e^-s*(1 mole of Ni/2 mole of e^-)= moles of Ni

    Solve for mass:

    moles of Ni*( 58.69 g/mole)= mass of Ni

  • Chemistry 104 -

    I am doing something wrong I keep getting the wrong answer

  • Chemistry 104 -

    Instead of us guessing, why don't you show your work so we can find the error.

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