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Presidents often resort to the use of White House “czars” because

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    What are your choices? What is your answer?

    Do you know what a czar is?

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    Here are the choices:
    -they possess great wisdom.
    -they are often dissatisfied with bureaucratic performance.
    -they want to be Senators.
    -they have better relations with Congress.

    And a czar is any top-level presidential appointee who does not have to face confirmation by the US Senate, but whose policy decisions have a significant impact on how the administration occupying the White House charts its national course.

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    It is often that white house aides/advisors run things because
    a) it is too difficult to get a czar like person approved for congress for cabinet level positions
    b) often the job description cuts across govt departments, and getting congress to change organization is almost impossible
    c. Presidential aides who are czars are immune from Congressional oversight because of the separation of powers between President, congress.

    and other reasons. Most often it is a combination of all three of these reasons.

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    My answer was a) they possess great wisdom
    Is that correct?

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    I'm too cynical to accept that answer. How about being able to get things done without a lot of bureaucracy?

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