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Social Studies/History was just never my subject .. But, I was wondering If any of you people on here would be kind enough to help me, I would appreciate it! :/
Please & Thank you!?

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    Which of the following statements is incorrect? Is it (A)Early representative parliaments were elected by the people. (B)Representation is a crucial element of democracy in large polities.(C) The development of representative parliaments helped establish the principle of consent of the governed. Or (D) Early representative parliaments included representatives from different classes of society. Please, just post what you think the answer is! Please and Thank youu?!

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    Early = ??
    500 BC ?
    1100 AD ?
    1791 AD ?
    or ... ??


  • Social Studies/History -

    Read lots:

  • Social Studies/History -

    PS: This is not a social network website. Please use Twitter or Facebook or Chacha or whatever else to ask personal questions and/or post nonsense on other people's posts.

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