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find the intercept and graph. -x+3y=-6

I need to complete the ordered pair (3,)

so im I setting the problem up right

-x(3)+3y=-6? and thus the missing ordered pair is -2?

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    you don't say which intercept.

    If you want the x-intercept, that's where y=0, so

    -x+0 = -6
    x = 6
    (6,0) is the x-intercept

    If you want the t-intercept, that's where x=0, so

    0+3y = -6
    y = -2
    (0,-2) is the y-intercept.

    If you have the ordered pair (3,?), plug in x=3 and you have

    -3+3y = -6
    3y = -3
    y = -1
    (3,-1) is a point on the line.

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