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A current of 5.41 A is pass through a Ni(NO3)2 solution. How long (in hours) would this current have to be applied to plate out 7.30 g of nickel?

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    Your "persistence" is called spamming.

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    You may not be able to post for a few days but I think you can read responses. Here is how you do this problem.
    You want 7.30g Ni.
    96,485 coulombs will deposit 58.7g/2 or 29.35g Ni. so you will need
    96,485 coulombs x (7.35/29.35) = approx 24,000 coulombs but that's an estimate and you should redo this calculation as well as all that follow.

    Coulombs = amperes x seconds.
    You know coulombs and amperes, solve for seconds and convert to hours.

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