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1–6, read the play excerpt below and answer the questions that follow.

Jaws of the Water


At rise we see DAD, TINA, and MARK rushing in and out of the living room. Each enters carrying important items—such as sleeping bags, rain gear, and gallons of water—sets them down, and exits. All three come in together, and MOM bursts through the front door.

DAD: Where’s the water now?
MOM: As high as the car’s wheels.
DAD: We’d better go.
MOM: We can’t. The car’s dead.
DAD: What?
MOM: The water is up to the engine; it won’t start.
TINA: Oh, no!
MARK: What can we do?
DAD: I don’t know. (He looks through the window.) It isn’t raining now.
MOM: The water is still rising. The levee must have broken.
TINA: Will we drown?
MARK: Can’t we swim away?
DAD: No! That’s too dangerous. What we need is a boat!
MARK: I wish we had one!
TINA: We’re going to drown!
DAD: (reaching to hug her) No, honey. We’ll just go upstairs. If we have to, we’ll climb onto the roof. (to Mark) Let’s get jugs of water and the camp stove upstairs. I’ll get the canned food out of the basement.
MOM: Be careful! (She smiles and nods as DAD waves a flashlight and exits. MOM turns to MARK and TINA, gripping each child’s shoulder.) Listen to me. None of us is going to be hurt. Do you hear me? No one will be hurt! The worst that will happen is we’ll be cold and wet for a while. (She looks from one to the other.) We’re together, and we’re in our home. We have water and food, and we can climb above the rising water. But just as importantly, we aren’t alone! Other people—our friends and neighbors—are living through this flood with us.
Little by little, everyone will work together to make sure no one is harmed. We’re part of a community. Our family is much larger than just the four of us!
(DAD returns, dripping wet and carrying a box of canned food.)
MARK: Here, let me help you.
1. What is the source of conflict in the play excerpt? (1 point)
The characters are trapped in their home during a flood.
The characters are trying to agree on how to cope with a disaster.
The characters are worried about water and food.
The characters are searching for a member of the family.
2. Which statement best expresses Mom’s attitude toward the situation? (1 point)
The family will be safe because they know how to look out for themselves.
The family will be in danger because they did not prepare properly.
The family will be in danger because they are spending too much time fighting.
The family will be safe because they will work with their whole community.
3. What do you learn from Mom’s second line of dialogue? (1 point)
The car might be their only way to escape the flood.
The family has no way to escape the flood.
No one is around to help them escape the flood.
She has been looking for a way to escape the flood.
4. Which line of dialogue shows that Mark might be feeling more confident about the situation? (1 point)
Here, let me help you.
Can’t we swim away?
I wish we had one!
We’d better go.
5. One possible theme of this excerpt is “A neighborhood can collaborate in a dangerous situation.” Which of the following quotes from the excerpt best supports this theme? (1 point)
“If we have to, we’ll climb onto the roof.”
“We’re together, and we’re in our home.”
“Our family is much larger than just the four of us!”
“Do you hear me? No one will be hurt!”
Short Answer
Note: Your teacher will grade your response to ensure you receive proper credit for your answer.

6. What can you conclude about Dad’s character from his words and actions? Support your answer with evidence from the play. (5 points)

7. How do Mom’s actions reveal her character? (5 points)

8. What does Mark’s last line of dialogue suggest he has learned from this experience? (5 points)

Multiple Choice

Read the excerpt below and answer the questions that follow.

In all of recent American history, there has been no worse river flooding than what occurred on the Mississippi River between late June and the middle of August in 1993. Record flooding affected communities from Minnesota to Missouri. Iowa and Illinois joined those states as the hardest hammered by the floods. At St. Louis, Missouri, the river crested at 49.6 feet—more than 19 feet above “flood stage.” It was six feet higher than any level that had been recorded before.

Of the 1,300 levees that had been built to contain Mississippi River floods, more than 1,000 failed. Almost 50,000 homes were damaged or destroyed, and more than 70,000 people had to move because of the floods. Damage was estimated to be between 15 and 20 billion dollars. Worst of all, 52 people lost their lives in the great flood of 1993.
9. The excerpt is a piece of expository writing, because it contains (1 point)
facts and information.
fictional characters.
10. Which of the following best represents the greatest height above flood stage that the Mississippi floodwaters reached in 1993? (1 point)
the top of a minivan
an elephant's shoulders
a one-story building
a two-story building
11. Which of the following best paraphrases the first sentence of the second paragraph? (1 point)
Mississippians built more than 1,300 levees to contain the river.
More than 1,000 of Mississippi’s 1,300 levees broke during the flood.
No flood has ever caused so much damage to a river’s levees.
Many Midwestern communities were affected when the levees collapsed.

Multiple Choice
12. A resilient person is likely to (1 point)
get upset when an event goes wrong.
stay flexible when circumstances change.
be happy when a situation is uncomfortable.
get annoyed when a task is hard.
13. If your friend is being aggravating, he might be (1 point)
talking when you are trying to concentrate.
bringing you a snack when you are studying.
avoiding rehearsal for an upcoming concert.
offering to help you carry your books.
14. Someone who is destitute is likely to (1 point)
be well-respected by his peers.
have many visitors.
have very few belongings.
be on the way to the hospital.
15. In which situation is someone likely to feel jubilation? (1 point)
studying before a big test
celebrating at his birthday party
relaxing in a park
cleaning his bedroom
16. The tool shed was so sturdy that it was able to withstand (1 point)
a new roof.
high winds.
a fresh coat of paint.
For questions 17–19, refer to the passage below:

Albert Einstein, a world-famous mathematician was born in Bavaria in 1879. He acquired Swiss nationality in 1901 and he began working at the Swiss patent office the next year. Einstein was however also publishing papers in physics. He became famous for his theories of relativity and won the 1921 Nobel Prize for physics. To educate others about his theories Einstein held some teaching positions. These positions were in SwitzerlandPrague and Germany. After Hitler’s rise to power Einstein came to the United States. He lectured at Princeton University in Princeton NJ. This brilliant creative man became a U.S. citizen in 1940.

Directions: Choose the best way to write the underlined words given in the question. If an underlined part contains no error, choose d.
17. in 1901 and (1 point)
in 1901 and,
in 1901, and
in 1901, and,
no error
18. relativity and won (1 point)
relativity, and won
relativity and, won
relativity, and, won
no error
19. Princeton NJ (1 point)
Princeton NJ.
Princeton, NJ.
Princeton, NJ
no error
For questions 20–22, refer to the passage below:

On February 12 1908 a difficult automobile race was in progress. Six cars left New York for Paris in a route that included the United States, Japan, Russia, Poland, Germany and part of France Met by blizzards and other dangers the racers nevertheless kept on. The German entry reached Paris five months later, and the American entry followed Although the German car came in first, it was given a penalty. As a result of this decision the American car won. The car a Thomas Flyer had gone 13,400 miles in 168 days.

Directions: Choose the best way to write the underlined words given in the question. If an underlined part contains no error, choose d.
20. On February 12, 1908 (1 point)
On February 12, 1908,
On February 12 1908
On February 12, 1908
no error
21. followed Although (1 point)
followed, Although
followed. Although
followed. Although,
no error
22. car a Thomas Flyer (1 point)
car, a Thomas Flyer,
car a Thomas Flyer
car, a Thomas Flyer
no error
Note: Your teacher will grade your response to ensure you receive proper credit for your answer.

23. Think about a movie you have seen or story you have read in which something bad happened to the main character. How did he or she keep from giving up? Summarize what happened, and explain how the character dealt with the situation. (10 points)

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