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Renewable resources are resources that are available again and non-renewable are ones that can't be replaced.How do these effect biodiversity?
If a non-renewal can't be replaced, I can understand that once it's gone, it's not avaialable, but what about the renewable ones? I don't know how either of these effect biodiversity.

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    Have you read about the Amazon (duh a biodiverse environment) being cut down to grow row crops? Row crops are renewable. What happened to biodiversity?

    Non renewable: What about oil..when it is gone, we cant make chemical fertilizers, then what grows without fertizizer? Answer: differing plants start competing for which can grow best in various conditions, so we have biodiversity again?

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    No, I haven't read about the Amazon.
    I'm confused.
    So if they are renewable, they will just grow back but if they are not renewable they are just gone and other plants start competing. And that's how non-renewable and renewable resources effect biodiversity??

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    What is the difference renewsble and inexhaustible resources?

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