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College Algebra

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How to get the answer to a formula if I=ã2P/L relates the coefficient of self-induction, L (in henry's), the energy P stored in an electronic circuit (in joules), and the current I (in amps). Find I if P=120 and L=70.

The example I have to go by does not help with rounding to the nearest thousandth. Find I if P=90 and L=70
Formula I=ã2P/L
= 1.604 amps

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    rounding to the nearest thousandth? I find it difficult this is an issue in college.

    Consider the number...


    a is the tens digit
    b is the units digit
    c is the tenths digit
    d is the hundreths digit
    e if the thousandths digit
    f is the ten thousands digit

    take a look at f. Is if 5 or greater? if so, increase the thousandths by one, then drop f,g,h and so on.

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    Ok thanks

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