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2) Given the balanced reaction equation predict the moles of each product given the following reactants:
AlCl3 + 3 NaHCO3 Al(OH)3 + 3 NaCl + 3 CO2
AlCl3 NaHCO3 Al(OH)3 NaCl 58.4 CO2
a 1 mol 1 mol ? ?
b 1 mol 3 mol ? ?
c 3 mol 1 mol ? ?

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    These are limiting reagent problems. I solve these the long way. Starting with one of the reactants, calculate how much of one of the products will be formed. Do the same for the other reactant and the same product. If both answers are the same everything is in the right proportion and there is no limiting reagent(LR). If not, the SMALLER value of the product will be formed (and the reagent producing that smaller value will be the limiting reagent). First one:
    ...AlCl3+3NaHCO3 =>Al(OH)3+3NaCl+3CO2
    ...1 mol...1 mol.....x......x......x

    1 mol AlCl3 will produce3 1 mol Al(OH)3.
    1 mol NaHCO3 will produce 1/3 mol Al(OH)3 so NaHCO3 is the limiting reagent. You will produce 1/3 mol Al(OH)3. At the same time you will produce 1 mol NaCl and 1 mol CO2

    b part:

    1 mol AlCl3 will produce 1 mol Al(OH)3
    3 mol NaHCO3 will produce 1 mol Al(OH)3 which means those are the exact proportions you need and there is no LR. You will produce 3 mol NaCl and 3 mols CO2 at the same time you produce 1 mol Al(OH)3.

    I will leave c part for you. Post your work if you want me to check it.

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    Thank you very much for your time on this and the other problems I posted. You are appreciated.
    Selina Olomua

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