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african american studies

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Slavery and Society, 1800-1860

1. What invention contributed to the need for more slaves in the late 18th century?

2. What region of the United States was slavery most prominent?

3. What percentage of US exports was based on cotton production?

4. Describe slave ownership?

5. Why do you think the life expectancy of slaves were much lower than the white population?

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    No one here will do your assignments for you, but if you post what YOU THINK for each of these questions, someone here will check over your answers.

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    1. Cotton Gin
    2. South
    3. IDK
    4. Some slaves were given better conditions by working indoors and earned freedom later. Others had to keep working on the plantations.
    5. The slaves lives were considered lower because the southern whites believed they were not human. Slave's rights = 1/3 of a normal humans rights

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