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Hello I need help with my upcoming finals project here is what I have to do:

Use information and data obtained from at least four reliable Internet sources to produce a 12- to 15-slide PowerPoint® presentation about multimedia tools that aid classroom instruction.

Include details about how each might influence learning.

Incorporate at least one image manipulated in a graphics program as well as a chart or graph developed in an Excel spreadsheet. Both should support specific conclusions drawn by the research.

Integrate the following:

Excel Requirements:

• Use at least two different font sizes.
• Use at least one font style such as bold, italics, and underline.
• Apply color to at least one set of text.
• Apply a fill color to at least one set of cells.
• Apply a border to at least one group of cells.
• Use at least one function to manipulate data such as sum or average.
• Use at least one formula to manipulate data.
• Format at least one set of cells based on the data in the cells such as percentage, currency, and date.
• Create a graph or chart from the data.

PowerPoint® Requirements:

• Include a title slide.
• Include a reference slide.
• Use a slide design.
• Use at least three different slide layouts.
• Insert your name in the footer area of the slide master.
• Include at least one clipart sample to support the content of the presentation.
• Include at least one picture to support the content of the presentation.
• Include the graph or chart from the Excel spreadsheet.
• Include detailed speaker’s notes.

Cite resources used in APA format.

Post both the PowerPoint® and the spreadsheet as attachments.

I am a little confused on how to do this?
Thank you!!

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