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ive been posting the same question for 2 days and you guys have been ignoring me no joke -_-

  • SICK ??? -

    If this is your post, has NOT been ignored. Didn't you see Writeacher's response?

  • SICK -

    What post are you talking about?

    Looked back in search for "anna" and all seem to have been answered.

  • Apology?? -

    I think you owe us an apology because YOU ignored two posted answers.

  • SICK -

    no matterfact I am sorry im not going to argue with teachers because that is very wrong.but I can give you all links to questions I posted through out the week with no answers??

  • SICK -

    Please tell us the time and date of each unanswered question.

  • SICK -

    I suggest you do it. Don't make us hunt for them. Be specific or post again.

  • SICK -

    If this is yours (there's more than one "anna" on these boards, I believe!), then what is it you don't understand?

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