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Hi i want to be a pediatrician when i grw up so what course should i take in college ? im already in 3rd yr high school... in the philippines , as for me , i surpassed the k12 before they implement it and the next yr we our batch will be the lasy 4th yr hgh school students to graduate . so please now .. tell me what course in college should i take to be come a pediatrcian please thank u


    As many as you can fit in.


    When you enroll in college, declare pre-med as your major. Your college will then tell you which courses you need to take. Of course you should earn A's in these classes in order to qualify for med school. Remember that after you earn your bachelor's degree, you'll have at least six years of graduate school to earn your M.D. degree.


    Ms. Sue is correct about how the school will organize your classes for you. However, your first year will be fairly basic courses: English Composition, Math, Sociology, Psychology, etc.

    From your letter, I would strongly suggest you do more work on your English grammar. You will need to take a TOEFL exam in order to qualify for a college and to avoid those expensive, time-consuming remedial courses.

    Good Luck.

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