7th grade LA help asap!!?

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Hi, can someone check my answers asap!!??

Questions 1-3 correspond to "Should Naturalized Citizens Be President?"

1. Matthew Spalding thinks that the natural-born clause should be kept because (1 point)
the Constitution is clear about the importance of the clause
removing it would threaten national security
there is not a broad support for the clause's removal

2. Which of the following synonyms of assurance has a negative connotation?
(1 point)

3. What do natural-born citizens and naturalized citizens have in common?
(1 point)
both can run for president
both are citizens of the Unites States
both are born in the United States

Questions 4-6 correspond to "The Teacher Who Changed My Life."

4. In the phrase, "the grim-faced Yankee principle," how is the word "Yankee" an example of semantic slanting? (1 point)
it is used with a negative connotation
it is an exaggeration
it presents a vivid image

5. In "The Teacher Who Changed My Life," the author is trying to persuade the readers that (1 point)
immigrants face many difficulties
schoolteachers are not appreciated enough
he owes his success to Miss Hurd

6. How was the author's childhood in Greece different from that of his American classmates? (1 point)
the author lacked a supportive family
education in Greece was highly valued
Greece was a war-torn country

7. Which of the following sentences contains a compound predicate? (1 point)
The author's mother died to help her children emigrate.
Miss Hurd was strict, yet encouraging.
The author answered the phone and heard his teacher's voice.

8. Which of the following sentences contains a compound subject? (1 point)
The author and her sister were dropped at their new school.
The principle was a grim-looking man.
The author did not understand the purpose of hobbies and clubs.

9. Which of the following would be the BEST example of hyperbole? (1 point)
I have been waiting an eternity for your phone call.
I was as happy as a clam.
It was so sour I could not eat another bite.

My Answers:

help asap!!!

  • 7th grade LA help asap!!? -

    I agree with your answers for 1-4, 7-9.

    I don't know about 5 and 6. Sorry.

  • 7th grade LA help asap!!? -

    ok, thank you!:)

    5 is tricky though even if you knew the story or not...

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