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Can someone help me with these sentences, please?
Thank you very much in advance.

I use the Internet to conduct school research, use translation programmes, use an online homework agency, do online shopping, play games, chat with my friends, send private instant messages, log onto Facebook, visit a chat room, tag my friends in photos, share music and film files with my friends, post messages on a message board, download music and save it onto my MP3 player, upload photos to websites, such as Flikr and Picasa.

What you suggest other possible uses?

Every night Winston Muller, who is a secondary school student, visits Habbo, an online community where users create avatars, rooms and communities and spend virtual money.

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    It all reads fine to me. These are things that students would use the internet for, right.

    Adults will also use the internet to research travel routes and transportation, to read the news, to check on stocks, to conduct online banking, etc.

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