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4.What can you infer about what Lewis and Clark saw as they moved west from the Mississippi River.
-the land on the east coast was more fertile than the land in the west.
-the landscape rose sharply and then flattened as they went farther west.
-the Mississippi river was higher than the mountains in the east.
-the mountains in the west were taller than the mountains in the east

7.Which event transferred Florida from British possession back to Spain in the late 1700s?
-First Seminole War
-Pinckney's Treaty
-Adams-Onis Treaty
-Treaty of Paris

13. In addition to cooking and cleaning, what other duties did colonial girls often have?
-Once they reached thirteen years of age,they were responsible for caring for pregnant women and infants.
-They would often help their mothers create household goods like clothing,candles,and soap that could be traded.
-At fifteen years old, they became responsible for supervising the slaves and servants, and entertaing guests.
-They were normally responsible for planning the family's religious activities, but their plans had to be approved by their mother.

17.The fifth amendment protects the rights of people accused of a crime, including protection against having to testify against yourself.Which of the following BEST illustrates the idea put forth in the fifth amendment?
-the right to a fair trial
-the right to bear arms
-the right to remain silent
-the right against unreasonable search

18. How did African Americans' slave quarters contribute in helping them build family ties and traditions?
-the huts were built around a shared space with a fire for cooking which allowed many families to be together and share ideas.
-African American men and boys would build the houses together,and they would share stories and traditions during the construction.
-African American slave quarters were just one big log home that they all shared which allowed the families to build strong bonds together.
-The huts were built far away from each other,so many families would visit and stay together for several days at time and strong bonds.

19.Which answer BEST explains how the Articles of Confederation set up government roles for declaring war?
-Congress could declare war if needed
-The states could declare war if needed
-Congress could propose war,but the states voted to approve the war
-The states could propose war,but congress voted to approve the war

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    And you think the answers are ... ???

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    Oh. Sorry

    17.A OR D
    18. HAVE NO IDEA
    19.C OR D

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    7 is correct.

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    I agree with Ms. Sue ... only #7 is correct.

    You either haven't read your text, haven't understood your text, or aren't even trying to think about what's logical and what's not.

    Read and study your text. Think. Then try again.

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    Anna -- I removed your posts because this is Jordan's question. Please do not piggy back on other student's posts.

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    *I did a some research and I believe these are the right answers*:)

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    Jordan, what about the mountains? They are sharp, right? And Jordan, I think you should start something called, STUDYING.

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    Hey Janna, stop being so rude and give the guy a chance.

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