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When a modal is used with another verb, where is the other verb placed in the sentence?

at the beginning

directly after the modal

at the end

directly after the subject

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    I'm not sure we have a tutor with German expertise. Maybe something in one of these search results will help you:

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    I do not speak German, but the little I know tells me that the "other" verb is placed at the end of the sentence, such as:

    Ich muss dort Deutsch sprechen.
    There I must speak German.

    One of our math teachers speaks fluently German. Hope he can give you a more detailed answer.

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    thanks, both of you! :) you're awesome

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    technically, the other verb is placed at the end of the clause. A complex sentence may have several such clauses, and each is treated as its own unit.

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    Ich muss mit den anderen Lehrern mitstimmen.
    Sie haben dir die richtige Antwort gegeben.

    (notice that in both sentences, the verb is at the end)

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    So, yeah, everyone here is correct.

    It would be placed at the end of the sentence.

    so it would be like "Wir (subject) wollen (modal) Brot (other stuff) essen (other verb)"

    Probably not the best example, but things follow that format.

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